5 Continents Drive Project

 As part of President Akio Toyoda’s vision of creating “ever-better cars” under the umbrella of Toyota Gazoo Racing, Toyota embarked on a research & development project of unparalleled scale in 2014:  “Five Continents Drive”
The Five Continents Drive Project, which Toyota began in Australia in 2014, finished its North American leg, the Ever-Better Expedition, in 2016. The project is scheduled to continue in South America. Activity is an unprecedented seven-year, 130,000-mile drive.
Under this project, which is endorsed by Toyota GAZOO Racing, employees will test their vehicles by driving in harsh conditions around the world, gaining experience and knowledge of road conditions that cannot be predicted or replicated during testing. The understanding obtained in this exercise will support Toyota’s goal of developing ever-better cars and cultivating expertise in employees. Toyota aims to use the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 as a milestone for the completion of this project.




Distance driven

Number of days driven



~20.000 km

72 days


North America

~28.000 km

110 days


South America

~20.000 km

100 days



18000 km

84 days