Other Environment Activities

EU Environment Award:
TMMT applied for EU Environmental Award in 2014 and got a finalist award in management category, with its applications in the scope of Toyota Environmental Management System 360⁰ Approach for raw materials, energy, water, waste, waste water, chemical materials, air quality, climate change, environmental risk and performance management.
EU Environment Award has been awarding establishments in EU membership countries since 1987. Regional Environmental Center Turkey (REC Turkey) has been in charge of its international secretariat since 2006, aiming to promote inovations for Turkey’s sustainability. The one important critetia for evaluation is whether the project is the very first application in Europe or the world, and the other is the project’s positive contribution to environment, economy and society.

ISO 14001 Certificate:

As an approval of its sensitive approach to the environmental management, and studies under 'Continuous improvement' principle, TMMT had been certificated with ISO 14001 Environment Management System Certificate, which will be valid until 2017.

Additionally, TMMT:

Resource utilization related activities: