Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey and Sakarya University to Renew Partnership Protocol

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey and Sakarya University decided to extend a partnership protocol purposing to support university students and providing internship, experience & development opportunities to future engineers.
Expressing his great pleasure of realising their first partnership with Sakarya University, President & CEO of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Mr.Hiroshi Kato said, "TMMT and Sakarya University collaboration began 2 years ago.This synergy brought mutual advantages.
While Sakarya University provides several internship programmes, students had an opportunity to transferring their theoretical knowledge into practical projects in a real business life. Guest lecturers from both side joined conferences to share their expertise and valuable information.
We afford Sakarya University students and academics an opportunity to see and observe our plant while sharing basic Toyota values and management and production systems. Sometimes, we utilised your expertise. We appreciate for your efforts. As a result, I believe this win-win situation is achieved for both of us. Off course it can be improved in the future, I believe. So, the purpose of today’s meeting is to extend this agreement since it was fruitful for both parties. On the other hand, and the most important thing, this collaborative partnership strengthened the growing ties between us and the local Sakarya University. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sakarya University Rector Mr.Elmas and to everyone here today who have worked in this collaboration and cooperation project. I believe this agreement will achieve more new opportunities in the coming years".
President of Sakarya University Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Elmas said, "Our university is showing success in all areas in recent years. One of the areas which we are most successful is the university-industry cooperation. In line with our country's 2023 targets, as Sakarya University, we give great importance to R & D, innovation, practical training and university-industry cooperation in this direction. In terms of education and training, taking steps to improve relations with concrete projects to be carried out in “Industry-University cooperation” is really important. I believe that through this protocol, collaboration between Toyota and Sakarya University will be further strengthened. Not limited to protocol, always we will continue to be in collaboration with TOYOTA."