11th generation Corolla debuts with bolder and luxurious style in exterior. Roomy interior design revealed by wider legroom and kneespace which makes Corolla best in class.
Premium quality feel due to redesigned interior, high quality materials as well as cabin quietness all giving a new experience to the passengers. Dimensional improvement as 10 cm increase on wheelbase and 5 cm height reduction contribute to the confident driving.
The new Corolla, which is being exported to about 30 countries, has been reborn with new style and it is the new global symbol for our efforts to make ever-better cars.
Engine Type: Gasoline / Diesel
Displacement :
1.33, 1.6, 1.8 liter Gasoline
1.4 liter Diesel
Gearbox Type:
Manual / Multi-Mode Transmission / Multidrive S
Radio-CD-MP3-WMA Player
Toyota Touch 2 (Multimedia / Navigation)
Interior Color: Ivory / Black
Seat Fabric: Entry / Mid-Grade / Hi-Grade